Monday, March 7, 2011

Side Joke

When talking in a group or to someone
Say this when it becomes quiet or awkwardness.

What do you call a Boomerang that doesn't come back?

Ans: A Stick

College Algebra

Ugh, so my Professor here at this cheapy collage is really good and all, it pains me to listen to him + to sit in the front (lack of vision).  But he yells and then has the tendency to always hit the board its like

~~~~~~~(BAM) {.}

If the markers were alive, i'm pretty sure they'd be dead by now.
And he constantly throws them away due to his rage of the board.

Well tell me yall's college funny or experience in class.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day

Can anyone really tell me if they are excited for the day.
I mean it's kinda funny that people are saying, "who is going to be my valentine?"

When any loser or guy that loves the girl that said it saying "I will."
Only to be Shot down and hurt because a girl only wanted a 'Hot' Guy.
It sickens me enough to see it more over hear about it.
This Valentine's Day. Please be Courteous and Love the people who love you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I hear

I've always adored music all around me but never had enough money to buy all the intruments I liked. I then found a guitar for me, ever since I couldn't put it down. Now I've been progressing from Guitar to Piano and all I hear now is piano, even though my piano is cheap synthesizer very short I still like to get the most out of it. From figuring out piano music to guitar music with it.
Does anyone else hear music you just need to play?
Just as if it comes to your ears yet you can't find or find a intrument to play it?
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Blackberry 9000

Well, I've had my first and truely love phone the Blackberry Bold 9000

Now some things that we can all love if we own one.
 1. It's form factor
  • a. Very wide and just right for us wide fingered men or women. Definitely one for the books for RIM(Research in Motion). A very special edition to own and cherish.
 2. Its revival is a swell swell idea that RIM made, after almost 3 years now, they decided to resurict the baby. Now IMO, its the love i've been waiting for. From touchscreen to the Blackberry Bold 9000 Keyboard.

Thank you and I hope you make the decicsion to order a 9000 or aka Blackberry Dakota's rumor device.